My so called life*

*better known as silly random stuff

Work in progress

Haven’t been here in a long time and it feels really weird. May or may not come back. But… my thing, my rules, so:

  1. Lists. Because I love lists and because that is mostly how I think about things.
  2. Randomness of all kinds.
  3. Triple links, because it has always been like that.
  4. I am doing this for me, so please, do not advice on what it should or should not be.
  5. Five and thirteen have always been my favourite numbers.
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FoodHighs: Zuberoa, agosto 2015

Gazpacho de tomate y fresa con su sorbete y merengue almendrado.

Wake up random people

“Wakie is a community of [random] people waking [random] people”.

Either genius or very creepy.

FoodHighs: Azurmendi, agosto 2015

Merluza frita con infusión de pimiento a la brasa y perejil.


Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending.


Roger: My name is Roger Brown. I am 1.68.

Los dueños de los medios

The audacity of shamelessly asking

Can get you in a private plane with Richard Branson to go to the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington.

Sriracha Popcorn

This is either a great or a terrible idea. I cannot decide which.

Put Sriracha on it!

Via Serious Eats.

Anti-Date Rape Straw

“The straw can currently detect the two most common drugs being used, ketamine and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, of GHB. Patolsky and Ioffe are working on adding more drug detection abilities, including rohypnol, aka ruffies.

The idea is that women will carry the straw with them when they go out, and they can reuse the straw as many times as they like until the straw encounters the presence of any date rape drugs. If the straw detects any drug in the drink, a chemical reaction will be created and the straw will change colour, depending on the drug.”

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