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Haven’t been here in a long time and it feels really weird. May or may not come back. But… my thing, my rules, so:

  1. Lists. Because I love lists and because that is mostly how I think about things.
  2. Randomness of all kinds.
  3. Triple links, because it has always been like that.
  4. I am doing this for me, so please, do not advice on what it should or should not be.
  5. Five and thirteen have always been my favourite numbers.
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What are we risking by speaking up? Everything, certainly. But the far riskier business is not speaking up at all.

Kameron Hurley
The Geek Feminist Revolution


Kind words cost nothing

Quest mission: Da Vinci Secret

Bucharest, July 2016.

  1. Super nice and competent game masters. They do make a difference.
  2. Original storyline.
  3. Great puzzles with unusual mechanics.
  4. It’s 90 minutes and there is content for that long.
  5. To be improved: they still use walkie talkies and it can break the immersion.

FoodHighs: Hakkasan, June 2016

Supreme dim sum platter.



I have always loved puzzles and I always will. I loved them in all shapes and forms, on my own, with friends, easy, cheesy and extremely difficult. Falling in love with escape games felt right, like this organic connection you feel when you meet someone and you think  you are going to be friends forever. Like it was meant to be.

My first experience was last February, and I have played around 50 games since then, all around the world. So I am going to try to write little reviews, mostly so I can remember if anyone asks six months down the road.

About evolution in organizations

Change is never easy. And changing an organization is even more difficult due to the size, the complexity and the self-interest of the individuals that belong to it. But difficult does not mean impossible, and some are proving it already.

Here is some kick-ass inspiration:

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Mi madre nació en una isla, así que estoy acostumbrada a volar desde pequeña. Los aviones me gustan, pero lo que me conquista son los aeropuertos. Me hago pequeñita en un rincón, observo a la gente y me imagino sus historias. A veces incluso las escribo. He pasado muchas horas de mi vida en aeropuertos y no todos los recuerdos que tengo son buenos, pero tengo muchos. Y la vida es eso, una colección de pequeños recuerdos.

FoodHighs: Lakasa, septiembre 2015

Cecina de Astorga.


Can you make me some pancakes real quick?

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