My so called life*

*better known as silly random stuff



Sobre Corea del Norte.

La serie de artículos escrita por Berta Herrero en El Mundo. Y la novela gráfica de Guy Delisle: Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea.


My 5 places to eat in 2105

  1. Zuberoa (Donostia).
  2. Azurmendi (Bilbao).
  3. Lakasa (Madrid).
  4. Grace (Chicago).
  5. Sacha (Madrid).

Can happiness be improved?

Recommended by a sensitive and sensible friend. I am a bit skeptical, but I will give it a try.

FoodHighs: Grace, June 2015

Pig tail, endive, cauliflower, oxalis.

FoodHighs: Azurmendi, agosto 2015

Merluza frita con infusión de pimiento a la brasa y perejil.


Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending.

Work in progress

Haven’t been here in a long time and it feels really weird. May or may not come back. But… my thing, my rules, so:

  1. Lists. Because I love lists and because that is mostly how I think about things.
  2. Randomness of all kinds.
  3. Triple links, because it has always been like that.
  4. I am doing this for me, so please, do not advice on what it should or should not be.
  5. Five and thirteen have always been my favourite numbers.
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Roger: My name is Roger Brown. I am 1.68.

Los dueños de los medios

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