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Thinking *very* slow

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I think. And about how others expect me to think. I am quite good at thinking fast, but it doesn’t work for everything. Activities like writing (or almost anything that I would describe as creative) need some flow that, for me, only comes from pause.

Derek Sivers wrote this interesting and somewhat non fashionable piece about how he thinks.

To be read slowly. Or not.

(Link via the fascinating Tom McCallum).

Curiosity driven algorithms

Curiosity driven algorithms make observations about the world and then try to predict what will come next. If the thing that happens next is not what the AI predicted, it counts that as a reward. As it learns to predict better, it has to seek new situations in which it doesn’t yet know how to predict the outcome. For those curious about it, there is a more formal description here:

What would happen if we behaved more like a curiosity driven AI? What would happen if the reward was to find the unknown? We are living in a society that values finding the answer since we are children (exams, anyone?). So we stop asking questions when we are little. I find this problematic, and would like to figure out more ways in which we can stimulate each other to ask more questions, to be more driven by curiosity, perhaps.

About evolution in organizations

Change is never easy. And changing an organization is even more difficult due to the size, the complexity and the self-interest of the individuals that belong to it. But difficult does not mean impossible, and some are proving it already.

Here is some kick-ass inspiration:

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