Bralwers: Why would a sentient being not be able to get up when dizzy kd, but critters can?
Devs: It does something else to critteres, but i cant tell you what because im bold faced lying.

Carbineers: What do all our status effects do?
Devs: *Recites word for word what is found in ctrl s even when some of the things are quite plainly just wrong*.

Combat Medics: Please for the love of god dont nerf us
Devs: No problem, we aim to please the majority of our customer base, after all.

Commandos: We are worthless. Could the seas that are supposed to make us less worthless please work?
Devs: No.

Creature Handlers: Blablabla.
Devs: Creature whats?

GCW: Hows about faction channels?
Devs: Hows about you make your fucking own faction chat channels.

Jedis: How will lightsabers be in pvp?
Devs: Good. youll be able to take out everyone. except combat medics.

Pikemen: Whats the freakin point of our profession?
Devs: We forgot. *shrug*.

Pistoleers: Why are we worthless?
Devs: COOOOOOOOOOOOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT REBAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE. Its now scheduled to come out two months after JTL. Its just around the bloody corner!

Rangers: Can we be worth something please?
Devs: ………..maybe. Maybe not.

Riflemen: We arent accurate enough.
Devs: We’ll get right on it! *sucks the collective rifleman cock*.

Scoust: The only people who use forage are taking innappropriate screenshots simulating sodomy.
Devs: Teehee!

Smugglers: (crying) Please devs, for the love of god, let us smuggle. We dont care what we smuggler or how shitty the smuggling minigame is, we just fucking want to smuggle.
Devs: Not a chance in hell, suckers! bahahahahahahahahaha.

Squad Leaders: So you were lying about the SL rebalance, huh?
Devs: …..yes.

Swordsmen: We want to make shit bleed their brains all over the floor again.
Devs: …….you guys are freaks.

Teras Kasi Artist: Remember when we were overpowered? Yeah, we miss that.
Devs: blablablacombatrebalanceblablabla.

And the random question that no one even asked:

No one:whats the toughest critter in the game?
Devs: well, we knew you were all dying to know, so we put all the toughest shit in the game into a big arena, and had them duke it out.

The gorax won.

Yes, we do get paid for this.