Mwhahaha. And we will rule the world.


– Bonebreaking High Jump: the mattress surface will be inversally proportional to the jump height.
– Middle-to-long-unknown-distance running: the participants are unaware of the distance they have to run, being it between 1.000 and 10.000 meters. The race can end at any given lap.
– Ball dodging 100m sprint: judges may roll cannonballs against the runners in a random fashion.
– Ice track triple jump: self explanatory.
– Telescopic pole vaulting: poles must be telescopic and will collapse under the weight of the jumper.
– Roundabout marathon: winners of the marathon get a voucher to get their medals, 3 hours later, at the starting point. No shortcuts or any transportation method is allowed for them to get back there.
– Team throwing: One member of the team throws and other must pick up the discus, shot, javelin or hammer before it hits the ground or the throw would be void (thanks to Rafael Capit for this one).


– Wave Diving: the participants dive into a wavepool, all the rules about ripping the entry in the water still apply.
– Hold-it Swimming: Swimmers get a 0.1s penalty every time they pop their head out of the water to breathe(*).
– Sponge-Polo: waterpolo with a sponge in place of a ball.
– Synchronized swimming in freezing water: self explanatory.

(*) Looking for a suitable solution for backstroke: should it be banned?


– Any surface is suitable to be oiled by the judges or any other participant in any moment. Specially interesting for pommel horse and vault.
– Uneven rings: rings height might me changed assimetrically in any moment during the exercise .
– Uneven pommels: pommels might rise or disappear at any moment during the exercise.


– Head-chopping trap: the clay target is targeted (no pun intended) towards the shooter.
– Chrono-shooting: shooters at a shooting range can shoot to their target or to their competitor’s. Once a target is hit once no further shots are considered valid.


– The axle might be flexible, weak or both.