1: Tauntaun stampede
2. Stormtrooper Firing squad
3. Ejection Pod in space–near a black hole
4. Just beat him into goo
5. Feed him to the Sarlacc
6. Just dump him in space along with the waste
7. Let Palpy electrify him
8. Beheaded by Mace’s cool purple saber
9. Squashed by an AT AT
10. Fed to the Rancor

11. Put him in a podracer and make it crash
12. Eaten by Ewoks or Tusken
13. Ripped apart and sewed back together as a coat for Ewoks
14. Force choked by the Da Darth
15. Ripped apart by the Wampa ice creature
16. Swallowed by the massive fishy things in TPM
17. Force pushed into a fire
18. Hacked to death by Jedi’s lightsabers
19. Mind lifted by Yoda to a spinning fan
18. Heck, why use the force? Just push him into a fire
19. Throw him into the guard/fence things at the end of TPM
20. Leave him outside overnight on Hoth
21. Put him on Alderaan just before it explodes
22. Stuff him in Luke’s X-Wing’s proton torpedo compartment before the Battle for Yavin. Then use him to destroy the Death Star
23. Hire the Fetts to take care of him
24. Make him look at the Da Darth’s head for hours, eyelids forced open.(I think it would work)
25. Get smacked down by the ewoks and their rocks
26. New from McDonalds: McJarjars. 100% pure Jar Jar meat
27. Cut off a limb every time he say “Mesa” he should be dead in about five seconds
28. Make him stand still for 30 minutes. If that doesn’t kill him….
29. Tie his arms and legs to different pod racers and then yell “GO!!!”
30. Tie his ears around his neck and suffocate him
31. Thrown off Cloud City
32. Drowned in some Dagobah swamp
33. Drop a X-Wing on his head
34. Tortured on those droid torture things of RotJ
35. Death Star test probe
36. Serve him a wakeup cup full of liquid drainer
37. Make him bleed to death by paper cuts
38. Freeze him like Han and drop him in the ocean
39. Cook him in a giant oven
40. Push him off the highest Coruscant building
41. Push him into the Death Star garbage disposer
42. Let him fight against those animals in the Geonosis arena
43. Use him as a target practise for Clonetroopers, Stormtroopers, Rebels and battledroids
44. Tortured by Geonosians
45. Put him in the droid factory so they remove his head
46. Hang him by his ears
47. Wrap his tongue around his neck and garrot him
48. Cut his arms and let him bleed to death
49. Ran over by a speeder
50. Killed in that torture electric thing where Han is tortured in ESB
51. Put him in a escape pod and eject the pod into a star
52. Put a termal detonator in his mouth and make it explode
53. Put him under Jabba and let him run out of oxygen
54. Shoot him in the head
55. Put him in the astromechanic droid place of the X-Wing
56. Cut him into little pieces and feed him to Chewie
57. Convince him he’d have a better time aiming if he got outside the ship
58. Put him in a dead cell aboard the Death Star
59. Force choke him and then stab him with a lightsaber a few times
60. Give him a promotion
61. Throw him into the Death Star core
62. Shove him into a pod racer engine and press ‘start’
62. Teach stormtroopers how to shoot with him
63. Test probe for the new Empire weapons
64. Make him watch stupid teen flicks until he dies
65. Use him as a human shell
66. Have a heard of wind animal’s attack him
67. Call for Spider-man
68. Have Jabba sit on him
69. Let the tusken raiders do what they want with him
70. Hand Jar Jar over to a bunch of Star Wars nerds
71. Make him play chess with a Wookie
72. Poison his dinner with arsenic
73. Put him in the X-Wing with Porkins
74. Give him a faulty lightsaber
75. Have a stormtrooper aim at the person next to him
76. Stow him in the Millenium Falcon’s smuggling bays and forget about him for a few hours
77. Jar Jar vs. Agent Smith
78. Speeding freight train
79. Select all Jar-Jar animation files on ILM’s computers and drag to the Recyling Bin
80. Make him swallow a lightsaber and then get a Jedi to ignite it from inside of him
81. Lock him in a small windowless soundproof room so he is slowly driven insane by his own voice and we can’t hear him because we are outside the room
82. Give me a yucky flavor in his mouth that he can’t get rid of until he can’t take it anymore and explodes
83. Dump him in a pool of stiny rays
84. Clone him and make him spend time with himself
85. Nuke the *******
86. Make him watch ‘Glitter’ and ‘Swept Away’ until he decides suicide is the better experience
87. Have him be adopted by The Jer
88. Put him in a Jer production
89. Put a bunch of Smith clones on him
90. Make him swallow an entire AT-ST
91. After he swallows the AT-ST, have a Jedi press the “fire” button
92. Don’t Annie intervine with Jar Jar vs. Sebulba in Episode I
93. Force Jar Jar into a podracer and send him off
94. Put him inside a stormtrooper suit and let him crash into things
95. Drowned in outside the gungan city
96. Tortured by Tarpals and Nass
97. Battle with Darth Maul
98. Stff is ears in his mouth, and duct tape it shut and dump him in a vat of paint
99. Disguise his food and have it be filled with poison arrow frogs
100. He’s turned into blue milk for the consumption of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
101. He’s forced to sit and watch the pod racing scene from TPM forever