Apparently all of them were confirmed at the NPPL meeting last week.

March, 18-20, HB
April, 22-24, Bittburg
May, 13-15, Tampa
June, 3-5, Amsterdam
July, 1-3, France
July, 22-24, Denver
August, 26-28, Manchester
September, 16-18, San Diego
November, 4-6, Miami

I wanna play.

UPDATE: Press Release

Press Release from the NPPL regarding the Annual Meeting 2004:

The NPPL Annual meeting is a place where the players and the organization can come together to discuss issues as they relate to tournament paintball. The topics range from format and rules to how the players tents are set up. This year’s meeting was no different with many good ideas and suggestions for the 2005 season. Held December 9th at the Hilton Resort in Huntington Beach, 30 volunteer NPPL Members gathered together to discuss these issues and form committees to address concerns. We are all looking forward to an incredible 2005 World Series.

Attendees of the 2004 NPPL Annual Meeting were:

Chuck Hendsch – President NPPL
Camille Baker – Director of Marketing
Bart Walkerdine – Pure Promotions
Dan Perez – Ultimate Judge, NPPL
Toni Johnson – Sponsorships, Pure Promotions
Jasmine Vo – Memberships, NPPL
David Casey – NPPL Consultant
Dave Zinkham – Scrutineer
Sue Baker – D2, ACI Splat Factory
Jeff Hunter – D2 Faction and Zap Paintball
Chris Hass – Div I, Farside
John Rathbun – Pro, Evil Factory
Randy Wood – XPSL and Bonebrake Factory
Craig Fronsoe – Pro, Sedition
Ken Williams– Sedition A Team
Rodney Squires – Entourage
Joe Feola – captain of team Blue Knights
Peter Salgado – Div II – team for Rocken Paintball out of San Marcos
Justin Meese – Div II – captain of Atomix
Mike Paxson – The Men and Shock
Bart Monroe – Team LTZ, was D3
Bryan Cole “BBC” – Bonebrake Factory
Alex Fraige – Dynasty, Pro
Eric Crandall – Dynasty Manager
CJ Jackson – The Edge by, Div I
Bud Orr – Safety Council
Sonny Lopez – Worr Games
Ron Kilbourne – Bushwackers, Pro
Glen Forster – Dynasty, Pro
Tom Cole – Bad Company

The meeting started with a brief recap of the 2004 season sponsors, format, and successes with events, venues, ref training, media and television exposure. Goals for 2005 include re-writing and clarifying the rules in the NPPL Rule Book as well as restructuring the divisions (locking the pros, possibly adding a Semi-Professional Division) and addressing major safety concerns.

The attendees discussed the proposed structure for the 2005 Super 7 World Series and expressed a serious interest in adding a Semi-Professional Division in the 2005 season (while the NPPL had not been planning on not implementing this until the 2006 season). The decision on adding this division has not been made at this time.

The Super 7 Paintball World Series sanctioned by the NPPL will consist of five US and four European events. There will be a Super 7 World Pro League, possibly a Super 7 World Semi-Pro League, and Division I, II and III will be split up into Super 7 US Divisions and Super 7 European Divisions. This will be the first World Paintball Series

Many subjects about the structure, promotion and format of the Professional Division were lightly touched upon, but will be discussed in further detail at the Pro Captain’s Meeting which will be held this January (Pro Captains/Owners can contact Chuck Hendsch at (714) 536-9050 to register for the meeting).

The members discussed venues, tournament dates, rosters, entry fees, prizes, and the promotion and relegation of all divisions. Sub-committees were formed and will be making decisions on some of the above over the course of the next few weeks. A rough draft of the 2005 Rule Book was handed out to each attendee for review and discussion. Many rules are being altered and further discussed by the NPPL Rules Committee over the course of the next few weeks. A final version of the Rule Book will be available on our website this January.

Rules Committee
These people must be proactive and participate in meetings and discussions. The current Voting Members of the Rules Committee are:
NPPL President (Chuck Hendsch)
NPPL Ultimate Judge (Dan Perez)
NPPL Scrutineer (Dave Zinkam)
Promoter (Bart Walkerdine)
5 NPPL Members (Glen Forster, Ed Poorman, Pete Robinson, Tom Cole and Ron Kilbourne)

Sub Committee on new Semi Pro Bracket
NPPL President
Sue Baker
Tom Cole
Chris Hass
John Rathbun
Rodney Squires
Randy Wood
CJ Jackson

Disciplinary Committee
NPPL President
Event Promoter
Ultimate Judge
5 Head Judges

Equipment/Safety Committee
Paintball Manufacturer
Marker Manufacturer
Bottle Manufacturer
Goggle Manufacturer
NPPL President
NPPL Scrutineer

The NPPL is committed to providing players the best tournament competitions in the World. With your help we can make a difference. Results from the Committee decisions will be released to the public as they are confirmed in the weeks to come.

We want to thank all players, sponsors and supporters for a great 2004 and welcome everyone to participate in 2005. Registration for Huntington Beach 2005 opens January 7th at For more details please visit the website or contact the NPPL Office at (714) 536 – 9050.

Happy Holidays,
NPPL and Pure Promotions