A little help for the clueless.

1. Don’t be demanding. Don’t expect anything I didn’t promise.
2. Get a lvl 60 in Silverhand so I can play with you (and don’t buy it on ebay). PVPers are cute.
3. I’m an asshole. Accept it.
4. Play old videogames. And new videogames.
5. Play paintball. Or be my podbitch.
6. Get i-things.
7. Get a rubik’s cube and learn how to solve it in less than 1 minute. And please, get me a new cube. I can’t find a fucking new one.
7. Be honest. I have a thing for the good guys.
8. Don’t annoy me. Be patient.
9. I like breakfasts, chocolates, flowers, books and toys. And mix cds if I like the music you put in them. I like them more when there is no reason.
10. (This was Sexi’s idea) Make one of your friends bring a dog. I will hold your hand right away.