Gaming and gender is being a rather popular subject lately. Pretty much all gaming bloggers and news sites wrote their *interesting* (:rolleyes:) points of view.

Buuut, I actually enjoyed Mike’s post in Game Girl Advance. Click it.

“Although the Frag Dolls and Morgan Webb and the PSP Licker are definitely all well-versed, well-meaning individuals who love gaming as much as anyone, is there something disconcerting about their media spotlight? Does the fact that video games can now be marketed as a good “turn on” for Playboy bunnies and super models mean that, in some way or another, a male-oriented market has sexualized the act of gaming? Are gaming girls being encouraged to like shoot-’em-ups because that’ll make them hotter? Put another way, which is more important to these media outlets: the gamer or the attractive woman? And if your answer is “both,” does that mean that these people are being marketed as some form of novelty, a financially-sound surprise based on a cynical belief the Venn Diagram of life rarely allows “gamer” and “woman” and “attraction” to intersect?”