“Consumerism is absolutely out of fucking control. This notion of ”well, without us you wouldn’t exist, so therefore we get to be whiny obnoxiou pinheads and make demands“. No you fucking don’t. Hell, even us webcomic artists get that attitude from people. It’s batshit insane.

But honestly, stop with the fucking complaining. MMORPG’s are fluid, and if you can’t man up and roll with it, get off the ride. Every single class has been played to level 60 thousands of times over, so it’s obviously possible. Maybe it’s not a problem with the game mechanics, and more a problem with the fucking vidtards behind the keyboard.

It’s a shame, though. As much as I love WoW (and I do), the magic is gone. In fact, the magic has been gone since after that first year in Everquest. I’ve played every single MMO on the market, and some that aren’t, and I’ve never experienced that feeling of awe and wonder again. That feeling of infinite possibilities in a virtual world I could carve a place into.

Perhaps it’s just a one-time thing. Maybe you only get it on your first MMO. If that’s the case, and if you’re just starting World of Warcraft, cling to that magic, that feeling, for as long as you can. It doesn’t last forever.

And don’t let the degenerating intelligence of an alarmingly increasing number of gaming youth take that away from you, or ruin it.

If they haven’t already.”

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