J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats went the scientific route. From his post:

‘A few weeks back, I started an experiment designed to prove or disprove whether or not the magic, non-decomposing McDonald’s hamburgers that have been making their way around the internet are indeed worthy of disgust or even interest.’

The theories:

1. There is some kind of chemical preservative in the beef and/or bun and/or the wrapping.
2. The high salt level is preventing the burger from rotting.
3. The small size allows it to dehydrate fast enough.
4. There are no mold spores present on their storage conditions.
5. There is no air in their storage facilities.

Wanna bet on any?

Here is the link to the whole article, definitely worth reading since the experiment is well conducted.


The conclusion? It’s all about the size. No evil points for McDonald’s this time.