Random thoughts about books.

I get very attached to books and moving made it painfully clear (about 70% of my boxes were books). I have only bought electronic books for the last three or four years, but I have a tremendous amount of paper books that I really do not want to get rid of. I sometimes think of giving them to friends, to a public library and it sounds like a good idea, but at the same time it makes me sad. I rarely open a book that I have already read, but they are part of me by now. Those stories are part of my own story.

Those stories, my own story. I always thought I would never switch to electronic books for this very reason. I did, tho, and my life is a lot easier thanks to them. It does not matter how much I have to travel, my books are always around me. And not only that, I get to find new books because of the books I like, because it does not matter if there is no one around to recommend a book or a bookstore to sneak in. And it is easier to find people who like the same books you like.

The Goodreads Reading Challenge. Oh my. Such a guilty pleasure, such a lovely pain in the ass.